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the fine tuning argument generalized - most of it is completely inhospitable and hostile to life is a general objection to a general teleological argument on the cosmological level like how the argument from bad design is an objection to a general teleological argument on the biological level, edward feser adventures in the old atheism part i nietzsche - the mentality is summed up perfectly in the notorious atheist bus campaign of 2009 and its preposterous slogan there s probably no god now stop worrying and enjoy your life as if atheism promised only sweetness and light, edward feser the road from atheism - as most of my readers probably know i was an atheist for about a decade roughly the 1990s give or take occasionally i am asked how i came to reject atheism, who designed the designer atheism is just the beginning - redated from jan 13 2010 today i want to kill one of atheism s sacred cows i want to kill one of atheism s most popular and resilient retorts one of atheism s sacred cows is the who designed the designer response here s how, quotes about religion or atheism atheists of silicon valley - atheist atheists atheism secular humanism humanism atheist quotes religious quotes, list of converts to christianity from nontheism wikipedia - this is a list of notable converts to christianity who were not theists before their conversion see nontheism for specifics of what encompasses nontheism all names should be sourced and the source should indicate they had not been a theist not merely non churchgoing before conversion, a historical outline of modern religious criticism in - a historical outline of modern religious criticism in western civilization by september 10 2005 galileo trying to convince the pope of his views the following is a generally chronological highlight of the major movements and thinkers of religious criticism that have influenced modern western civilization, catholic encyclopedia apologetics new advent - sources in addition to the works already mentioned the more general treatises on apologetics are as follows catholic works schanz a christian apology new york 1891 3 vols, tres medici duo athei the physician as atheist and the - tres medici duo athei the physician as atheist and the medicalization of the soul charles t wolfe dept of philosophy and moral sciences and sarton centre for history of science ghent university charles wolfe ugent be revised version of submission for a volume on early modern medicine eds distelzweig goldberg ragland, vox popoli cbs rejects just stand ad - 99 comments mark stoval february 03 2019 5 38 am i would add that laws are meant to crush the little guys at the discretion of the ruling elite just try to not bake that cake as a small christian bakery and see what laws are in effect, fallacies internet encyclopedia of philosophy - fallacies a fallacy is a kind of error in reasoning the list of fallacies below contains 224 names of the most common fallacies and it provides brief explanations, books cs lewis society of california - in 1962 the christian century magazine published c s lewis s answer to the question what books did most to shape your vocational attitude and your philosophy of life here is c s lewis s list of his top ten books not including the bible, percy bysshe shelley poetry foundation - the life and works of percy bysshe shelley exemplify romanticism in both its extremes of joyous ecstasy and brooding despair the major themes are there in shelley s dramatic if short life and in his works enigmatic inspiring and lasting the restlessness and brooding the rebellion against authority the interchange with nature the power of the visionary imagination and of poetry the, top 10 reasons to not be a christian - well 9 11 actually is a myth it was designed as a mainstream splitting artificial which means controlled controversy with just a number as sort of neutral, the perverted faculty argument timothy hsiao academia edu - there is an old argument rooted in the classical natural law tradition that says that the perverse or unnatural use of a human faculty is immoral this short essay offers a derivation overview and brief defense of this, did cosmos pick the wrong hero out there - along with his translations digges added commentary and new ideas making it clear that the copernican model was more than philosophy it was a physically real model of the solar system, toby mac and third day more examples of covert occultism - but it could very well be that he has no awareness of his book cover designs nor of the potential indications of occult allegiance with the people in the concert poster photo he certainly has fallen hook line and sinker for this new fangled contemplative prayer nonsense thinly veiled eastern style occultism which is coming from the emergent church crowd, how thinking goes wrong prof shermer skeptically org - in 1994 nbc began airing a new age program called the other side that explored claims of the paranormal various mysteries and miracles and assorted weird things i appeared numerous times as the token skeptic the other side of the other side if you will on most talk shows a balanced program is a half dozen to a dozen believers and one lone skeptic as the voice of reason or, john polkinghorne q a starcourse org - how can there be any meaningful interplay between physics and religion it is said that the universe was written in the language of mathematics yet the bible is a mere collection of words therefore how can there be any meaningful interplay between physics and religion, spinoza s a theologico political treatise part 1 - electronic version of spinoza s a theologico political treatise part 1 page 13 chapter i of prophecy bk xia 9028 yirmiyahu yovel 1 1 prophecy or revelation is sure knowledge revealed by g d to man 1 2 a prophet is one who interprets the revelations of g d to those who are unable to attain to sure knowledge of th, einstein and god strange notions - it was recently revealed that toward the end of his life albert einstein wrote a letter in which he dismissed belief in god as superstitious and characterized the stories in the bible as childish during a time when atheists have emerged rather aggressively in the popular culture it was to say, the fraud of nadi jothidam nirmukta - the minute we alighted from our cars a horde of unsavoury characters descended on us with offers to have our leaves read and claims that theirs was the only genuine nadi jotisham, a response to dr b m hegde s article in the hindu nirmukta - this article is a rebuttal to the article modern medicine has given illness care a miss by dr b m hegde in the open page of the hindu dated february 18th 2012 the piece is in fact recycled from this almost identical piece by him from november 2010 dr hegde begins his article with some quotations by famous people and offers them as evidence that medicine in the past was better than